Banners and graffiti for July 9

on july 9th in response to the second anniversay of the murder of marvin booker in downtown denver's detention facility two banners were dropped and revolutionary graffiti was put on walls. one banner on highway 93 said "no tears for dead cops vengeance for marvin booker" in regards to an anti-police brutality rally cancelled out of "respect" for a denver police officer killed breaking up a fight in park hill.

another banner was hung demanding freedom for amelia nicol, who had a court date on july 9th after being arrested and jailed for squatting more than six months ago. graffiti demanding the freedom of several other anarchist prisoners along with anti-police slogans were also sprayed on several walls.

july 9th, the day marvin booker was killed, should always remain a day of struggle, conflict and agitation towards the police and state. it is with regret that this was all that was mustered.

don't be pacified by populism and big tents. refuse the left's theft of confrontational oxygen and rhetoric. occupy is dead!

a response

dear anonomous author...

so sick of reading wishes about how "occupy is dead."   

 i think old school "radicals" in denver would rather diss occupy then actively be involved with it because it preserves their avant guarde political identities, its a lot easier then having to go to GA thats for sure!!!


none of us think occupy denver is perfect.  there are idiots.  but through this process we have seen many people radicalized, many people coming to political consciousness, and by removing your voices from that discussion, occupy denver misses out on your perspective & experience.  yeah the 99% talk is dead.  fuck the cops. fuck capitalism.  fuck voting.  and fuck staring down your nose from the sidelines at people who are putting themselves at risk to fight for a better world...  

another world is possible.   but only if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and work for it.

Occupy will have ended up

Occupy will have ended up costing me about $80,000, half of which I probably would have otherwise donated to rad projects.  Fuck Occupy.