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A Cry For Help from Federal Supermax

 Hey Everybody:

Big shout out from the Federal Supermax.

First, I hope you'll all keep an eye on my new website in progress, 

Second, a cry for help, my attorney Paula Ray, will be arguing on my behalf before 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on November 17th, 2009, to reverse the district court's denial of my motion for post-conviction DNA testing under the Innocence Protection Act. As I'm from Philly, I am pleading with all Colorado-area friends to attend in a show of support. Need ID to get into the courthouse. It's Bryon White Courthouse 1823 Stout Street, Courtroom IV. United States v. Mark Jordan, No. 081431. Its a huge case dealing with ability to access DNA when it will prove innocence. I really hope some folks can show. Some other neat cases are being argued also. Please show, (I'm looking for #'s).

Third, my sis could use some web building tech support. Anyone? 

My best to all

In Struggle & Solidarity,

Mark Jordan

note---We got this call to support, and wish we could make it. Mark has won a case about the right of prisoners to publish, and fought another on censorship of reading materials that he lost. He was originally sent to prison for bank robbery, and while serving his time he was convicted of a jail-house stabbing homicide. This hearing is about his right to have DNA evidence examined that may prove that he is innocent. I hope some of our comrades in Denver can attend in our stead.

Solidarity form Junktown

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